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We have located some of the rarest items in the world. Our Chicago, IL based showroom is part showroom, part working shop and part museum of all things historic vending including gas pumps, jukeboxes, signs, popcorn and soda machines. We have many items there (not pictured on this site due to security) that are less than a few known to exist. Several are the only know examples and prototypes we discovered in very dark and dusty barns, garage sales, a network of friends and random places all over (we always carry Pine Sol in our trucks for hunting in barns!). Among our collection are some very, very rare items. People from all over the world visit us to learn, discover and photograph. When you stopping over?


What does this mean for you?


Well…we have gotten very, very good at finding rare and can help you locate your own “Bigfoot”.


We can help you by leveraging our massive network of friends, relationships, experience and knowledge. We have built many relationships that matter over the years. People trust Jeff to be fair, knowledgeable and to make a square deal for all parties involved. In fact, they call, text and email him everyday asking for advise and help in valuation and finding priceless antiques. Because his willfulness to help Jeff knows what is at hundreds of garage sales all over the country! Jeff is busy being hired to appraise both small and large collections worldwide.


The Proof is in the pudding.


Stop over sometime to our Midwest based showroom sometime and see our own “Bigfoot” items that you will never see anywhere else.

We aren’t concerned with monetary value. We have found priceless things worth less than $25 to things valued at over $2,000,000 in financial terms.

The dollar value does not matter to us. Your “Bigfoot” may evoke a sentimental value only, may complete your collection or just make you smile from ear to ear. Monetary value is not the memory we chase. We find value in your story.


We Value and Chase:


  • The Royal Crown slider you used as a kid. If you were clever, had a straw and bottle opener the drinks were free, remember?
  • The tube radio your grandparents played Sinatra “Fly Me To The Moon: nonstop. Such a great memory




  • The wood-rail pinball you are still trying to get the high score on!
  • The Coca Cola tin sign that hung in your small hometown five and dime. An ice cold Coke was a shinny nickle!
  • The gas pump you filled your first car up with at 49 cents a gallon. Those were the days!
  • The classic Mustang that you first laid down a strip of rubber on the road or dragstrip!

  • The pedal car that you rode up and down your street which annoyed your mom. Sorry Mom!
  • Drop a loose nickle into 7-up machine and be refreshed.
  • The candy machine that vended Snickers, Baby Ruth and candy (or real) cigarettes.
  • The Jennings slot machine you blew your paycheck at…opps!
  • The popcorn machine that magically vended the “gift of the Gods” of hot buttery salted popcorn! Yum!
  • The curved wood of the Wurlitzer 1015 “bubbler” what was ready to party after winning the second war. Party Time!

  • The Atlas gumball machine that provided an afternoon of bubbles for 1 cent.
  • The Schwinn bicycle you either learned to ride or broke your leg with! Good Times!
  • The Radio Flyer wagon you pulled your prized possessions around in until the dinner bell rang! Dinner time!




We find value in the hunt. The chase. The thrill. The memories. And the smile!


Are You Ready To Smile?


What are you looking for? What has eluded you? Let’s find it together! Sound’s like fun, right?

Simply inquire below and we will put our sleuth instincts to work for you too full time. Our binoculars are ready…let’s do this!

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