Vintage coca cola machines as an investment

Posted on: September 11th, 2018 by Jeff Sheets

If you’re thinking of buying a vintage coca cola machine as an investment, it’s important to note a few things first. Antique Soda  machines vary in value depending on a number of factors. It’s important to remember that just like with any collectible you may add to your collection, the real value of one of these vintage machines depends on what a buyer is willing to pay for it.

When Are Vintage Coca Cola Machines A Good Investment?

A vintage coca cola machine is only a good investment if it has been restored by a professional; just like with any vintage item. All good quality antiques will go up in value, unless they are mis handled in some way. An original coca cola machine that has been handled well has much more value that was taken care of by an amateur.

Antique Coke machine are all the same, but amateurs are actually decreasing the value of these beautiful machines all the time. Many antique buyers are then being tricked by amateurs who call these machines restored. You’d even be better off with an unrestored original, than one that has been ruined by an amateur.

More About Coca Cola Machines

One of the biggest and well known manufacturers of these machines is the Vendo company. Throughout the years Vendo continued to re-invent their mechanisms and develop dispenser designs, allowing room for more bottles per unit and creating stylish upright models with rounded corners. These are the classic designs that are sought after today.

Coca Cola is a worldwide brand and has been around for more than 125 years. Those who love the vintage, retro look can enjoy having their very own vintage Coca Cola machine in their games room, garage, or elsewhere in the home. Vendo models are some of the most sought after due to their classic, sleek designs, as well as their association with vintage American pop culture.

You can find your very own coca cola machine with classic white and red color scheme, embossed logo, and working functions. These machines never lose their appeal aesthetically and can work well in just about any vintage themed space. They can also still potentially be used in commercial businesses, as originally intended.

You can further determine the value of a vintage Coke machine by researching how much certain models are selling for on selling platforms. However, as we’ve emphasized, it must be original or restored by a professional. Amateur restorations are not worth your money at all.

The following are factors you should look at when determining if something is worth your money:

  • Manufacturer
  • Age
  • Model
  • Working Condition
  • Appearance
  • Restoration quality

Do your research to gather as much knowledge as you can so you feel confident making your investment. There are articles, videos, and books you can look into to help you, such as ‘Vintage Coca-Cola Machines a Price and Identification Guide to Collectible Coolers and Machines’, available on Amazon.

The majority of vintage Coke machines that have been fully restored are worth $6000-$8000. These machines are a big investment, however, making use of your machine by entertaining regularly will ensure you have an investment you can also enjoy.