The Art of Classic and Vintage Soda Machine Restoration

Posted on: December 4th, 2018 by Jeff Sheets
The Art of Classic and Vintage Soda Machine Restoration
What Type Of Collector Are You?


Soda machine restoration is an art. The canvas of a classic or vintage soda machine calls out for a real artist to bring it back to life. A true revival, by an expert art restorer. This is far more than just a new paint job and some cleanup of the inside of the machine.


The Types of Collectors


Classic and vintage soda machines attract collectors of all sorts. Here are 5 types that we see here at Historic Vending.


True Aficionado


The True Aficionado is enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable about their vintage soda machines. You own more than one. There is a special place in your home, and year heart, for each. You may have a favorite brand, or era. You are a connoisseur of fine classic soda machines.


When it is time to restore a newly acquired element in your collection, you look for the best. Nothing is too good for your collector’s items. You want a true restoration artist who will do justice to your vintage piece.


Memory Maker


The Memory Maker remembers (or wishes they did) when the vintage soda machines were new. You reached up to put a coin in the machine. And you remember the cool taste of the soda going down. You remember poodle skirts, radio shows and the Beatles. The vintage soda machines are a happy part of your past.

To restore your classic soda machine, you want it to be authentic. Every color needs to be exactly as it was originally. You need a skilled restoration artist to bring your piece from the past back to life.


The Perfectionist


The Perfectionist wants the very best. You want the best in every aspect of life, so vintage soda machines are no different. You choose carefully which make and model of classic soda machine you like. The lines and colors of some appeal to you more than others. You want the ones that take your breath away.

The restoration process is exacting. You are looking for an expert technician and artist to perfectly restore each machine so it meets or exceeds the original specs. It needs to be perfect.


Real Collector


The Real Collector has more than one vintage, classic or antique collection. You know the value of heirlooms. The process of acquiring, restoring and showcasing these items in your home thrills you. You love to be surrounded by these collections.

You always choose restoration experts for all your projects. An antique piece of furniture deserves to be exquisitely restored by a master. Your classic and vintage soda machine restoration is entitled to the same masterful touch.


Unique Items Collector


The Unique Items Collector has many small collections of unique items. Certainly, classic and vintage soda machines fit into that category. You might have a stamp collection, but if so, you probably have rare and collectible stamps. Perhaps you have a rare coin collection. Often Unique Items Collectors are “containerists”, with collections of many shapes and sizes of containers. Everything from tiny silver boxes to classic soda machines are irresistible to a containerist.

For a Unique Items Collector, the restoration process is not necessary for many of your collections. A stamp collection does not need restoration, for example. But your vintage soda machine increases in value with expert restoration.


The Master Restorer at Historic Vending – For Exquisite Restorations


Jeff Sheets is the Master Restorer at Historic Vending. Jeff is an expert with every aspect of classic and vintage soda machine restoration. He fine-tunes every aspect of the machine itself so the cooling functions work flawlessly. More importantly, the skillful art in the painting and restoring the looks of each machine has won Jeff his international acclaim. You can get a quick, cheap paint job by any hobby painter, but to really have your restoration done right, you need an expert. Jeff is known across the globe as the premier Master Restorer for classic and vintage soda machines.


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