A Few Restored Things…

*Some are older restorations not restored by us.



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If you want your vintage or antique soda machine lovingly restored by a passionate collector and craftsman who has a detailed eye and that only restores a few machines per year to share with the world. You won’t find any mass-production techniques or cut corners here; just pure love and art from Jeff.


Our restored machines are nicer than when they rolled off the factory line.


Drop a loose nickel in the coin slot, enjoy the nostalgic “clink” of the coin in the machine’s belly and delight at the sight of the iconic “Have a Coke” lens lighting up. Open the door on the left and pull out an ice-cold drink. Pop the top open with attached bottle opener, drop the cap in the cap catcher automatically and step back into the “Happy Days” of yore.


Everything will work better than new. All the advancements in technology, efficiency, insulation, cooling, paint and safe wiring — but with the classic Coke vintage vending appeal and history. Available upon request are dozens of restoration pictures verifying that every last nut and bolt has been either replaced, repaired or refinished. You will receive a free printed 5×7 photo album with all pictures to show off your new piece of art.


Trust me: You will be the talk of your friends! You will be the new mayor of Coolville, Daddy-O.




Don’t buy an improperly restored Cavalier 72, 96 or Vendo 81, 39, 44 or 56. Make sure you’re getting an authentic and artful restoration by following the below guidelines:

  1. Avoid descriptors like “refreshed” or “older restoration.” You will not be happy with the inferior quality of work. True craftsmen don’t merely “refresh” a machine; they revitalize it.


  1. Be wary of sellers asking you to “call them with questions.” This is an attempt to sell a machine outside of Ebay and is an Ebay policy violation that could get you banned. When you purchase outside of Ebay, you are not protected by Ebay’s seller protections. We will answer all your questions, but in a way that is Ebay-approved. For example, you can request to call us with a message in Ebay, but we WILL NOT SELL you a machine outside of Ebay. Please don’t ask. It’s safer for you that way, as we sell with integrity. We take our 100% feedback rating over 10 years very seriously.







  1. Instead of old dusty stock photos, ask for recent before, during and after pictures of the entire restoration process showing every part of the machine inside and out. How can you trust it’s actually a professional restoration without pictures? Zoom in and look at the craftsmanship. Ask which parts where replaced and which were just cleaned or “refreshed” to save a few bucks.


  1. Avoid restorers with amateur photos — e.g., one or two pictures in someone’s garage with a rattle spray can in the background. That RustOluem spray can was used on your machine and will fail! Look at the quality and cleanliness of their shop, workbenches and order.


  1. Look for passionate and professional restorers and sellers. Because professional craftsmen take their work seriously, you can trust the quality of their restoration. Sellers who rely on unprofessional gimmicks — for example, sellers who peddle pictures of sexy women standing next to their machines, or sellers who load their listings with keywords to attract search engines — are trying to distract you and “sell” you. After all, you care about the quality of restoration, not the ego of the restorer. Right? Don’t be swindled by someone who’s trying to sell a product; look for someone who’s trying to share a passion.






Get your friends’ and neighbors’ attention with a stunning machine in your home. Every time someone comes over, the first comment will be, “Wow! That is so cool! Does it work? Can I have a soda? Is it for sale?”

Of course, it works! Open the door and make your selection of and ice-cold soda. Or, stock your machine with beer, water or any other refreshing beverage of your choice, as the shelves are fully adjustable. Hundreds of options are available at your local grocer or Amazon, including long neck beer bottles and Mexican Coke, among many others.

People tend to forget the reason they originally came over; everyone wants to talk about this machine, instead.


Have A Coke!


Embossed items are  hand-lettered by a sign painter with 40 years’ experience. A true dying art form captured in this restoration.


Our machines are painted at a professional body shop that is known for high-end custom car and motorcycle bodywork and paint. All rusted metal was replaced and welded in and the machine received a zinc-rich rust-prevention primer, multiple coats of the correct red and white, color sanding and a durable clear coat that was expertly sprayed on top. We then machine- and hand-buffed to achieve its brilliant shine. You can even see the shine’s reflection in the pictures!

We are thrilled to share this level of craftsmanship with you in your home, basement, man-cave, game room or office. Professionally restored soda machines of this caliber have proven to be a great investment and become family heirlooms and conversation pieces.




Ask: Are the lamp sockets new or used?
Our Answer: We use all new and safe lamp sockets.


Ask: Are the fan blades new or repainted?
Our Answer: We use new non-bent fan blades for more efficient and quiet operation.


Ask: Is the cooling system recharged?
Our Answer: Yes, to original factory specs.


Ask: Is the new serial tag included with the original?
Our Answer: A new one is installed and the original is included, as well.


Ask: Are “quick connect” electrical connections used, or tried-and-true solder?
Our Answer: We do it the same way as the factory — with traditional tried-and-true solder.


Ask: Has the wiring harness been replaced with a new surge protector, or with a cheap plastic junction strip terminal?
Our Answer: We always replace the wiring harness. It’s the safe and right way.


Ask: Are the original color wires used and wrapped in heat shrink wrap for safety?
Our Answer: Yes, we use all new wires wrapped in heat shrink wrap exactly like the factory color scheme. The concourse look, but safer!


Ask: Will you supply paint for touch-ups?
Our Answer: The professional body-shop automotive paint that was used on your actual machine will be included in touch-up bottles for free.




Items are available for local pickup in Chicagoland or free delivery to St. Charles, Ill., during Coin Op show at Pheasant Run Resort in April or November 2018. Item can be stored in our heated, secure, alarmed and insured professional shop with payment in full.


Or, come pick up your new machine, see some of the rarest vintage vending machines in the world and other restorations of ours in our private, not-open-to-the-public shop before grabbing a deep-dish pizza on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, located just 30 minutes from our shop.


I am able to completely make shipping hands-off for you with door-to-door delivery for an additional cost paid directly to my preferred shipping vendor. Machine will be blanket- and shrink-wrapped for free.

I will allow you to use my national discount and pay my wholesale reduced prices direct to the shipper without markup.

I set up and you call them with a payment method. Depending on location, professional shipping ranges from $300 to $800.


Ask me for a quote to your doorstep.


Tear down, inspection, assembly and shipping

Photograph, remove and replace or refinish every single part and piece to better than new. Rebuild in a methodical manner without scratches and damage and look for ways to improve a machines safety, efficiency, reduce noise while preserving history. Ship in custom plywood crates so your machine arrives without damage.

Throughout Restoration

Paint and Body Work

All rust is repaired with new steel then sandblasted down to bare metal and epoxy primed. Multiple coats automotive quality paint in factory correct color(s) and then 2 coats of clear coat. Clear coat hand polished to a high shine and ready to look great for many years.

Step Two

Refrigeration and Electrical

Replace all moving parts, guarantee proper coolant mixture and level, sufficient pressure, airflow and adequate coolant flow for another 60+ years of reliability for that unmistakable near ice cold soda. New solenoids, wires, lamps, surge protector and bulbs with safe soldered connections.

Step Three

Glass, Insulation and Powder Coat

All parts prone to wear are powder coated (a ceramic like coating) to provide a durable finish, excellent resistance to corrosion, heat and cooling, impact, and abrasion. All new glass and plexiglass. All old, sometimes asbestos, insulation is removed and replaced with new energy efficient and quieter fiberglass with a high R-Value.

Step Four

Chrome and Stainless Steel Trim

Original Stainless steel is professionally polished to shine like new with no dents. Chrome is triple dipped to be "show chrome" which means that the chrome is high-quality enough to be used on a car that is entered in a car show and is the best of the best.

Step Five

Coin Mechanism and lettering

All coin mechanisms are professionally rebuilt and are fully adjustable to your desired price and include a manual. All lettering and graphics are reproduced to exactly match originals. Embossed "Coca-Cola" has crisp and clean lines.

Step Six

A Few Restored Things…

*Some are older restorations not restored by us.