Tear down, inspection, assembly and shipping

Photograph, remove and replace or refinish every single part and piece to better than new. Rebuild in a methodical manner without scratches and damage and look for ways to improve a machines safety, efficiency, reduce noise while preserving history. Ship in custom plywood crates so your machine arrives without damage.

Throughout Restoration

Paint and Body Work

All rust is repaired with new steel then sandblasted down to bare metal and epoxy primed. Multiple coats automotive quality paint in factory correct color(s) and then 2 coats of clear coat. Clear coat hand polished to a high shine and ready to look great for many years.

Step Two

Refrigeration and Electrical

Replace all moving parts, guarantee proper coolant mixture and level, sufficient pressure, airflow and adequate coolant flow for another 60+ years of reliability for that unmistakable near ice cold soda. New solenoids, wires, lamps, surge protector and bulbs with safe soldered connections.

Step Three

Glass, Insulation and Powder Coat

All parts prone to wear are powder coated (a ceramic like coating) to provide a durable finish, excellent resistance to corrosion, heat and cooling, impact, and abrasion. All new glass and plexiglass. All old, sometimes asbestos, insulation is removed and replaced with new energy efficient and quieter fiberglass with a high R-Value.

Step Four

Chrome and Stainless Steel Trim

Original Stainless steel is professionally polished to shine like new with no dents. Chrome is triple dipped to be "show chrome" which means that the chrome is high-quality enough to be used on a car that is entered in a car show and is the best of the best.

Step Five

Coin Mechanism and lettering

All coin mechanisms are professionally rebuilt and are fully adjustable to your desired price and include a manual. All lettering and graphics are reproduced to exactly match originals. Embossed "Coca-Cola" has crisp and clean lines.

Step Six