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This beautiful restored Cavalier Model “CS-72” is nicer than when it rolled off the Cavalier factory line in 1958.

Vending Capacity: 72 Bottles
Precool Capacity: 17 Bottles
Dimensions: 56 3/4″ high, 24 3/4″ wide, 21 7/8″ deep
Weight: 240 lbs.
Production Dates: 1958-1959


This is your opportunity to own an iconic late 1950s-era, fully restored classic Coca-Cola machine from one of the rarest collections in the USA. Hands-off door-to-door shipping available.

This machine was restored by a passionate collector and craftsman who has a detailed eye and only restores a few machines per year to share with the world. Not for profit, but for his love of the hobby. You won’t find any mass-production techniques or cut corners here; just pure love and art.

This beautiful restored Cavalier Model “CS-72” is nicer than when it rolled off the Cavalier factory line in 1958. The “72” in the model number refers to the bottle capacity. There is also storage for 17 extra “pre-cooled” bottles inside the ice-cold cooling compartment.

Drop a loose nickel in the coin slot, enjoy the nostalgic “clink” of the coin in the machine’s belly and delight at the sight of the iconic “Have a Coke” lens lighting up. Open the door on the left and pull out an ice-cold drink. Pop the top open with attached bottle opener, drop the cap in the cap catcher automatically and step back into the “Happy Days” of yore.

Produced between 1958 and 1959, this Cavalier “CS-72” was produced by Cavalier Corp. and has all the desirable styling features of the time, such as rounded corners, glass door, embossing and slant adjustable shelves and is among the most popular model’s for modern daily use.

Your new machine is labeled as 5 cents (the price of Coke for over 70 years), but the electronic coin mechanism can be set to any price you want upon request before shipping. You also receive a copy of the coin mechanism’s original operator’s manual and a copy of original manual of the Cavalier 72.

Everything works better than new. All the advancements in technology, efficiency, insulation, cooling, paint and safe wiring — but with the classic Coke vintage vending appeal and history. Available upon request are dozens of restoration pictures verifying that every last nut and bolt has been either replaced, repaired or refinished. You will receive a free printed 5×7 photo album with all pictures to show off your new piece of art.

Trust me: You will be the talk of your friends! You will be the new mayor of Coolville, Daddy-O.

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Weight 240 lbs
Dimensions 56.75 × 24.75 × 21.875 in