Starting at age 15 with a dream and $2500 – serial entrepreneur and multiple business owner Jeff operates Historic Vending Company out of his main location in Itasca, IL 30 miles west of Downtown Chicago.

Collectors, enthusiasts and customers worldwide seek Jeff’s advice as an industry acknowledged expert and resource.

Jeff also owns one of the nation’s largest and rarest private not for sale collections. Several of Jeff’s pieces are on a rotating long-term loan to nationally recognized museums.

TWO professional brick and mortar locations:

Chicago, IL • Itasca, IL

We own, manage and develop multiple web-based assets, brands and ecommerce shops.

Jeff and his craftspeople complete many specialty trades in house:
  • woodworking and custom cabinetry related to vintage and retro eras
  • stainless, copper and plexiglass polishing and repair
  • body work, fiberglass and rubber gaskets
  • paint, epoxy stain, varnish and clear coat application and detailing
  • custom led light systems and circuit boards
  • fabrication, welding and metalwork
  • 3D prototyping and modeling
  • in house professional photography studio and editing
  • fabrication of wood, metal and vinyl using CNC, printers and cutters
  • electrical and plumbing
  • refrigeration and insulation
  • sandblasting and asbestos removal
  • glass and Plexiglas
  • coin mechanism and gas pump clock and internal repairs
  • retro arcade software programing licensing and repair
  • and other related tasks
Licensing and Permits
  • HVACR – Refrigeration Repair – EPA
  • Lead Abatement- EPA
  • Asbestos Abatement – Illinois Department of Public Health
  • All federal, state, county and local business licenses and permits
Fabrication & Parts Business

We create commodity parts including electrical, stainless steel, aluminum, plastic injection molded, glass and wiring harnesses.

We often use Jeff’s private collection as molds and examples and make custom parts to assist others in restoration and repair of their own items.
Areas of Expertise & Interest

Items we restore, repair, collect, appraise and advise clients on worldwide:

  • Vintage vending and coin operated machines including Coca-Cola, Pepsi, 7up, Dr. Pepper, Orange Crush, RC Cola, candy and gum years 1880-1960
  • Picnic coolers and coin changers and mechanisms
  • Wood rail pinball and arcade games pre-1960
  • Gumball, popcorn, peanut, and candy machines
  • Rare bottles and soda advertising
  • Wooden ice boxes, vintage refrigerators and appliances
  • Gas pumps and petroliana including gas pumps, gas-pump globes, oil cans, road maps, signs from various years
  • Antique slot machines and cash registers 1810 to 1940
  • Antique safes, strong boxes and luggage chests 1860 to 1920
  • Jukeboxes and tube radios including Seeburg and Wurlitzer from 1910 to 1950
  • Antique tin and porcelain sign restoration and repair
  • Custom and semi-custom retro arcade game cocktail cabinets such as Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Space Invaders, Galatica and Frogger era 1960 and 1980’s
  • Oak and hardwood whiskey and wine barrel custom commissioned pieces