Coca Cola Cavalier 72

We are starting to tear down and professionally restore this Cavalier 72 Coca-Cola machine today. One of our favorite models, The Cavalier 72 is a great machine for your home or business due to the slant adjustable shelf that allows vending of almost all 8 to 12 oz sodas from your grocery store. The light up “Have A Coke” sign is cool! We follow a very specific order and process which includes hot water pressure washing and 100’s of photos of disassembly. Note the bullet holes! These are very common. This machine will be for sale this fall after a 100 point nut and bolt restoration and will look like the one pictured in the last photos. If you want to put a deposit down you can pick your choice of color scheme now as Coca-Cola had several and some upgrade options as well and will receive weekly updates.

Asking Price is $7900. Deposit is $3000. Payment in full on delivery. Door to door shipping can be arranged.

Please check back often as we add during photos showing every part professionally restored.